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HJR 1393 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Memorials, Death - George Franklin Wright -
Apr 16 2024 Received From House, Refer To Senate Calendar Committee
Apr 22 2024
HB 1723 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
TennCare - As introduced, enacts the "Annual Coverage Assessment Act of 2024," which requires each covered hospital licensed as of July 1, 2024 to pay an annual coverage assessment for FY 2024-2025 of a certain percentage of the covered hospital's annual coverage assessment base. - Amends TCA Title 71, Chapter 5.
Jan 09 2024 Comp. Sb Subst.
Apr 22 2024
HJR 1345 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Memorials, Recognition - Doyle Cox -
Apr 09 2024 Signed By Governor.
Apr 22 2024
HJR 1415 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Memorials, Retirement - Rhonda Thurman -
Apr 17 2024 Received From House, Refer To Senate Calendar Committee
Apr 22 2024
HJR 1343 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Memorials, Sports - Chattanooga Preparatory School boys' basketball team, TSSAA Division I, Class A state champions -
Apr 09 2024 Signed By Governor.
Apr 22 2024
HB 2320 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Debtor Creditor Relations - As introduced, specifies certain documents that must be attached to an initial pleading in an action on a consumer debt; exempts funds to the aggregate value of $2,500 in a judgment debtor's deposit account with a bank or other financial institution in this state from execution, seizure, or attachment unless certain circumstances apply. - Amends TCA Title 20; Title 25 and Title 26.
Jan 29 2024 Enrolled; Ready For Sig. Of H. Speaker.
Apr 18 2024
HB 2321 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Hospitals and Health Care Facilities - As introduced, increases the amount of personal needs allowance from $50 to $70 for long-term nursing home residents. - Amends TCA Title 71.
Jan 29 2024 Sponsor(S) Added.
Apr 18 2024
HB 1614 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Consumer Protection - As introduced, enacts the "Protect Tennessee Minors Act"; requires an individual or commercial entity that publishes or distributes in this state a website that contains a substantial portion of material harmful to minors perform reasonable age-verification methods to verify the age of individuals attempting to access the material; specifies that a violation of age-verification or data retention requirements is a Class C felony. - Amends TCA Title 39, Chapter 17 and Title 47.
Dec 06 2023 Rec. For Pass By S/C Ref. To Finance, Ways, And Means Committee
Apr 17 2024
HB 2323 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Criminal Offenses - As introduced, increases the penalty for a third or subsequent domestic assault conviction from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class E felony; upgrades the offense classification for certain qualifying misdemeanor offenses to a Class E felony upon a defendant's conviction for a sixth or subsequent qualifying misdemeanor. - Amends TCA Title 39 and Title 40.
Jan 29 2024 Rec For Pass If Am By S/C Ref. To Finance, Ways, And Means Committee
Apr 17 2024
HB 2322 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Insurance Companies, Agents, Brokers, Policies - As introduced, requires certain health benefit plans to include coverage for treatment services required for and related to treatment of an acquired brain injury; prohibits health benefit plans from imposing certain limitations on the number of days of acute care, post-acute care, and covered inpatient care for acquired brain injuries; makes additional changes related to such coverage. - Amends TCA Title 8 and Title 56.
Jan 29 2024 Taken Off Notice For Cal In S/C Finance, Ways, And Means Subcommittee Of Finance, Ways, And Means Committee
Apr 17 2024
HB 2325 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Boards and Commissions - As introduced, creates the artificial intelligence advisory council to recommend an action plan to guide awareness, education, and usage of artificial intelligence in state government that aligns with the state’s policies and goals and that supports public employees in the efficient and effective delivery of customer service. - Amends TCA Title 4.
Jan 29 2024 Rec For Pass If Am By S/C Ref. To Finance, Ways, And Means Committee
Apr 17 2024
HJR 1166 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Memorials, Recognition - ALS Awareness Month -
Mar 27 2024 Received From House, Refer To Senate Health & Welfare Committee
Apr 04 2024
HJR 1005 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Memorials, Death - Malcolm "Max" Luther Orr -
Mar 06 2024 Signed By Governor.
Mar 26 2024
HJR 94 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Constitutional Amendments - Proposes an amendment to Article I, Section 35 of the Constitution of Tennessee to expand the rights of victims of crimes. -
Jan 30 2023 Signed By H. Speaker
Feb 26 2024
HJR 838 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Memorials, Recognition - Tom Griscom -
Jan 30 2024 Signed By Governor.
Feb 14 2024
HJR 791 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Memorials, Death - John Patten Guerry -
Jan 24 2024 Signed By Governor.
Feb 12 2024
HB 2924 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Taxes, Franchise - As introduced, requires the commissioner of revenue to report on or before February 1, 2025, to the finance, ways and means committees of the senate and the house of representatives the total annual amount of industrial machinery franchise and excise tax credits provided under Section 67-4-2009(3), for fiscal years 2020-2024. - Amends TCA Title 67.
Jan 31 2024 P2c, Caption Bill, Held On Desk - Pending Amdt.
Feb 05 2024
HJR 732 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Memorials, Death - Frederick Rees Skillern -
Jan 11 2024 Signed By Governor.
Feb 02 2024
HB 2554 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Pharmacy, Pharmacists - As introduced, requires the board of pharmacy to send notice to the chairs of the government operations committees of the senate and house of representatives within 10 days of the conclusion of the triennial review of board rules regarding the oversight of facilities that manufacture, warehouse, and distribute medical devices performed by an advisory committee that consists of board members; authorizes the board to send such notice by electronic means. - Amends TCA Title 4; Title 53 and Title 63.
Jan 30 2024 P2c, Caption Bill, Held On Desk - Pending Amdt.
Feb 01 2024
HJR 712 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Memorials, Death - Howard R. Winters -
Jan 08 2024 Signed By Governor.
Jan 30 2024

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