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HB 1875 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Criminal Offenses - As introduced, expands the definition of "racketeering activity" to include committing, conspiring to commit, aiding, attempting to aid, soliciting, coercing, facilitating, or intimidating another person to commit the criminal offense of animal fighting. - Amends TCA Title 39.
Jan 22 2024 Re-Ref. Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee
Apr 11 2024
HB 2643 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
District Attorneys - As enacted, adds the short title "The Gabby Act" to Chapter 237 of the Public Acts of 2023, which requires district attorneys general to designate one assistant district attorney general as the lead prosecutor in cases involving crimes committed against children and requires the Tennessee bureau of investigation to provide annual training to assistant district attorneys designated as lead prosecutors in crimes committed against children. - Amends TCA Title 8; Title 16; Title 38 and Chapter 237 of the Public Acts of 2023.
Jan 31 2024 Comp. Became Pub. Ch. 649
Apr 08 2024
HB 2382 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Campaigns and Campaign Finance - As introduced, authorizes the county administrator of elections to email assessment letters to candidates and political campaign committees for local public office when the administrator discovers that a campaign finance report has not been filed by the candidate or political campaign committee. - Amends TCA Title 2, Chapter 10.
Jan 30 2024 Transmitted To Governor For His Action.
Apr 04 2024
HB 2217 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Taxes, Real Property - As introduced, revises the formula for calculating tax relief on real property owned by eligible disabled veterans so that in determining the amount of relief to such a taxpayer, the assessed value on the first $175,000 of full market value is to be multiplied by the ad valorem tax rate of the jurisdiction instead of by a rate that has been adjusted to reflect the relationship between appraised value and market value in that jurisdiction. - Amends TCA Title 67, Chapter 5, Part 7.
Jan 26 2024 Def. To Summer Study In Property & Planning Subcommittee
Mar 20 2024
HB 2245 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Boards and Commissions - As introduced, creates the Tennessee automotive racing commission for the purpose of promoting and supporting the growth of the automotive racing industry in this state. - Amends TCA Title 4 and Title 62.
Jan 29 2024 Taken Off Notice For Cal In S/C Departments & Agencies Subcommittee Of State Government Committee
Mar 13 2024
HJR 926 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Memorials, Recognition - Claudia Byrd, Bristolian of the Year -
Feb 12 2024 Signed By Governor.
Mar 13 2024
HB 2383 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Motor Vehicles - As introduced, authorizes motorcycles to be operated on certain limited access highway and interstate shoulders to proceed to nearest exit when speed of traffic is 25 miles per hour or less. - Amends TCA Title 54; Title 55, Chapter 1 and Title 55, Chapter 8.
Jan 30 2024 Sponsor(S) Added.
Mar 07 2024
HB 469 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Physicians and Surgeons - As introduced, authorizes an individual licensed in another state to practice medicine to practice telehealth in this state if the patient cannot otherwise receive the services the healthcare provider will provide within this state and the healthcare provider files a limited waiver request with the appropriate licensing board that certifies that the patient needs such services and that other options for the services are unavailable in this state. - Amends TCA Title 56 and Title 63.
Jan 25 2023 Taken Off Notice For Cal. In Health Committee
Feb 14 2024
HB 2640 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Regional Authorities and Special Districts - As introduced, specifies the required notice for a public meeting related to the approval of a payment in lieu of tax agreement of the board of directors of an industrial development corporation that must be published on the website of the corporation or the governing body of the municipality. - Amends TCA Title 5; Title 6; Title 7; Title 13 and Title 48.
Jan 31 2024 P2c, Caption Bill, Held On Desk - Pending Amdt.
Feb 05 2024
HB 2835 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Economic and Community Development - As introduced, requires, on or before January 1, 2025, the commissioner of economic and community development, in consultation with the commissioner of revenue, to report to the finance, ways and means committees of the house of representatives and the senate on the economic development impact of the Border Region Retail Tourism Development District Act on the regions of the state where certified border region retail tourism development districts are located. - Amends TCA Title 7 and Title 67.
Jan 31 2024 P2c, Caption Bill, Held On Desk - Pending Amdt.
Feb 05 2024
HB 2150 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Taxes - As introduced, requires a housing authority adopting a redevelopment plan or urban renewal plan related to a redevelopment project, which plan contains a tax increment financing provision, make available certain information to the public about the project not less than 10 days, rather than five days, prior to the public hearing on the project. - Amends TCA Title 4; Title 7; Title 9; Title 13 and Title 67.
Jan 25 2024 P2c, Caption Bill, Held On Desk - Pending Amdt.
Jan 31 2024
HB 2069 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Victims' Rights - As introduced, provides that a victim-witness coordinator, in addition to the district attorney general, may inform a victim of a criminal offense of the victim's rights under the Tennessee Constitution, Article I, § 35, and of the dates of all future trial court proceedings involving the defendant. - Amends TCA Title 40, Chapter 38.
Jan 24 2024 Assigned To S/C Criminal Justice Subcommittee
Jan 30 2024
HB 1873 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Election Laws - As introduced, specifies that the notification to a registered voter who a county election commission has appointed to fill a vacant election official position must be in writing. - Amends TCA Title 2.
Jan 22 2024 P2c, Caption Bill, Held On Desk - Pending Amdt.
Jan 25 2024
HB 864 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Local Government, General - As enacted, prohibits as against public policy a metropolitan government ordinance, charter provision, or resolution that requires a supermajority vote of the local legislative body in order to make improvements to, renovations to, or the demolition and replacement of existing facilities owned by the metropolitan government when such facilities are to be used for substantially the same purpose as the use prior to any changes; requires that the voting requirement for such actions involving existing facilities must be the same voting requirement applicable to ordinances of the legislative body in general. - Amends TCA Title 2; Title 5; Title 6 and Title 7.
Jan 30 2023 Pub. Ch. 364
May 18 2023
HB 472 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Animal Cruelty and Abuse - As enacted, establishes standards for shelter that must be provided to dogs under animal cruelty laws. - Amends TCA Title 39 and Title 44.
Jan 25 2023 Comp. Became Pub. Ch. 335
May 17 2023
HB 1251 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Sexual Offenses - As enacted, expands the definition of "sexual activity," as used in the offense of soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor, to include exhibition of the female breast, genitals, buttocks, anus, or pubic or rectal area of any person that can be reasonably construed as being for the purpose of the sexual arousal or gratification of the defendant or another. - Amends TCA Title 39.
Jan 31 2023 Comp. Became Pub. Ch. 209
May 04 2023
HB 1039 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Comptroller, State - As enacted, requires the comptroller of the treasury to compare a list of registered voters provided by the state coordinator of elections to the comptroller’s geographic information system data to ensure that registered voters have been assigned to the correct congressional, state house, state senate, and county governing body districts. - Amends TCA Section 2-3-102.
Jan 31 2023 Pub. Ch. 317
May 03 2023
HB 1374 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Remedies and Special Proceedings - As enacted, revises present law provisions relative to persons who are eligible for compensation for criminal injuries. - Amends TCA Title 29, Chapter 13, Part 1.
Jan 31 2023 Comp. Became Pub. Ch. 176
Apr 25 2023
HB 471 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Business and Commerce - As introduced, authorizes a municipality or public authority in which a tourism development zone is located to file with the commissioner of finance and administration and the state building commission its annual report concerning the zone in an electronic format. - Amends TCA Title 7; Title 13 and Title 66.
Jan 25 2023 Taken Off Notice For Cal In S/C Finance, Ways, And Means Subcommittee Of Finance, Ways, And Means Committee
Apr 18 2023
HB 1253 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Witnesses - As enacted, requires the department of correction to advance or reimburse witness expenses necessary to the prosecution of certain criminal cases; requires the county to seek to recover from a convicted defendant who is declared not to be indigent, the costs of the advance or reimbursement of witness expenses made by the department of correction. - Amends TCA Section 40-25-129.
Jan 31 2023 Comp. Became Pub. Ch. 147
Apr 18 2023

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