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HB 2994 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Viola - Subject to local approval, reduces the number of aldermen from five to two; deletes an obsolete provision regarding work houses. - Amends Chapter 320 of the Acts of 1901; as amended.
Mar 11 2024 Pr. Ch. 61
May 13 2024
HJR 850 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Memorials, Heroism - J. D. Wooten -
Jan 31 2024 Signed By Governor.
Feb 14 2024
HB 2636 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Public Records - As introduced, reduces, from three months to two months, the time for a records custodian to file a written report with the office of open records counsel regarding the filing of a petition to enjoin a person from making records requests if the person is making public records requests to disrupt government operations. - Amends TCA Title 10, Chapter 7 and Title 39.
Jan 31 2024 P2c, Caption Bill, Held On Desk - Pending Amdt.
Feb 05 2024
HR 99 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
General Assembly, Statement of Intent or Position - Urges governor to take action to ensure medical freedom of the Tennessee Army and Air National Guard. -
Jan 31 2024 Assigned To S/C Departments & Agencies Subcommittee
Feb 07 2024
HB 2616 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Education - As introduced, requires agreements and obligations of local education agencies (LEAs) relative to school-based health-related services to be fair, reasonable, and suitable to the objectives of the LEA with respect to the school-based health-related services. - Amends TCA Title 49; Title 63 and Title 68.
Jan 31 2024 Ref. To Education Administration
Mar 13 2024
HB 2458 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Scholarships and Financial Aid - As introduced, establishes a physician assistant student loan repayment grant program to incentivize physician assistants to provide health services in health resource shortage areas. - Amends TCA Title 49 and Title 63.
Jan 30 2024 Taken Off Notice For Cal In S/C Health Subcommittee Of Health Committee
Mar 26 2024
HB 1996 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Purchasing and Procurement - As introduced, changes from October 1 to October 15 the date by which the chief procurement officer must annually report to the speaker of the senate, the speaker of the house of representatives, and the governor on the status of the federal Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010, the Iran Divestment Act of 2014, and any rules or regulations adopted thereunder. - Amends TCA Title 4; Title 12; Title 39; Title 47; Title 49 and Title 50.
Jan 23 2024 P2c, Caption Bill, Held On Desk - Pending Amdt.
Jan 25 2024
HJR 641 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Memorials, Recognition - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -
Apr 20 2023 Signed By Governor.
May 09 2023
HB 1555 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
White County - Subject to local approval, establishes that general sessions court has concurrent jurisdiction with chancery and circuit courts relating to cases of adoption, pursuant to general law. -
Mar 07 2023 Pr. Ch. 15
May 24 2023
HB 1260 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Game and Fish Laws - As introduced, establishes requirements and limitations for the use of a trotline to kill, catch, or take fish or other aquatic life. - Amends TCA Section 39-14-206 and Title 70.
Jan 31 2023 Taken Off Notice For Cal In S/C Departments & Agencies Subcommittee Of State Government Committee
Mar 01 2023
HB 1124 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Open Meetings - As introduced, requires a governing body to provide members of the public the opportunity to comment at a meeting of the governing body if the meeting is open to the public pursuant to the Open Meetings Law and if members of the public give proper notice to the governing body. - Amends TCA Title 8, Chapter 44 and Title 49.
Jan 31 2023 Assigned To S/C Public Service Subcommittee
Feb 07 2023
HB 1152 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Education - As introduced, changes, from 30 to 45, the number of days prior to a local education agency's adoption of a district-wide school safety plan or building-level school safety plan that a summary of the plan must be made available for public comment. - Amends TCA Title 8; Title 10, Chapter 7; Title 37; Title 38; Title 39; Title 49 and Title 62.
Jan 31 2023 P2c, Caption Bill, Held On Desk - Pending Amdt.
Feb 02 2023
HB 1126 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Victims' Rights - As enacted, requires judge to order payment of restitution by owner who is convicted of allowing their dog to run loose and the dog causes bodily injury or death to another person, or damages another person's property. - Amends TCA Title 29; Title 39 and Title 44.
Jan 31 2023 Comp. Became Pub. Ch. 226
May 04 2023
HB 1153 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Naming and Designating - As enacted, designates the National Guard Armory to be constructed in Warren County as the "Major General Terry Max Haston National Guard Armory". -
Jan 31 2023 Comp. Became Pub. Ch. 478
May 24 2023
HB 1125 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Charitable Solicitations - As introduced, increases from seven to 14 days the period within which an applicant for a charitable solicitation registration may request a hearing following receipt of notification that the applicant has not satisfied the registration requirements. - Amends TCA Title 48, Chapter 101, Part 5.
Jan 31 2023 Taken Off Notice For Cal In S/C Departments & Agencies Subcommittee Of State Government Committee
Mar 15 2023
HB 1528 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Internet and e-Commerce - As introduced, enacts the "Social Media Accountable Censorship Act"; creates a cause of action for adult social media website users whose speech is censored, subject to certain exceptions. - Amends TCA Title 3; Title 4; Title 8, Chapter 6; Title 29 and Title 47.
Jan 31 2023 Assigned To S/C Civil Justice Subcommittee
Feb 07 2023
HB 1076 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Comptroller, State - As introduced, deletes antiquated language that required the office of research and education accountability in the office of the comptroller to submit a report by November 1, 2019, to the education committees of the senate and house of representatives regarding the formation and operation of community schools. - Amends TCA Title 49.
Jan 31 2023 P2c, Caption Bill, Held On Desk - Pending Amdt.
Feb 02 2023
HB 1372 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Highway Signs - As introduced, renames the portion of the road known as "Rep. John Lewis Way" in Davidson County located between Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Blvd and James Robertson Parkway as "President Donald Trump Boulevard"; requires the alteration of governmental addresses; and removes protections for named streets from the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act of 2016. - Amends TCA Section 4-1-412 and Title 54.
Jan 31 2023 Withdrawn.
Mar 06 2023
HB 863 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
Election Laws - As introduced, authorizes Warren County to participate in a pilot project utilizing convenient voting centers. - Amends TCA Title 2, Chapter 3, Part 3.
Jan 30 2023 Assigned To S/C Elections & Campaign Finance Subcommittee
Feb 07 2023
HB 530 (113th Regular Session (2023-2024))
TennCare - As introduced, requires the bureau to reimburse air-based ambulance service providers, along with ground-based ambulance service providers, at a rate of no less than 67.5 percent of the federal medicare program's allowable charge for participating providers. - Amends TCA Title 68 and Title 71.
Jan 25 2023 P2c, Ref. To Insurance Committee
Feb 01 2023

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