New York Bills

sponsored by Leroy Comrie

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S 9053 (2023 Regular Session)
Exempts certain for-profit community gardens from payment for water usage and supply
Apr 12 2024 Referred To Cities 1
Apr 12 2024
S 9052 (2023 Regular Session)
Clarifies how certain non-billing information regarding the delivery of water is disclosed to residents of cooperatives, condominiums or multi-family dwellings
Apr 12 2024 Referred To Energy And Telecommunications
Apr 12 2024
S 8388 (2023 Regular Session)
Protects the health insurance benefits of retirees of public employers and contributions of retirees of public employers
Jan 25 2024 Print Number 8388b
Apr 11 2024
S 8499 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to the New York city transit authority annual report on the reduction and abatement of noise
Feb 06 2024 Advanced To Third Reading
Apr 11 2024
J 2238 (2023 Regular Session)
commending the Allen Community Senior Citizens Center upon the occasion of celebrating its 50th Anniversary on March 27, 2024
Apr 11 2024 Referred To Finance
Apr 11 2024
S 625 (2023 Regular Session)
Provides a payroll tax credit for compensation of journalists; and to provide for the repeal of such provisions
Jan 05 2023 Print Number 625d
Apr 11 2024
S 1382 (2023 Regular Session)
Requires the MTA and the New York city transit authority to implement certain standards pertaining to applying and removing coatings from bridges, trestles, elevated subway and railway tracks and stations
Jan 11 2023 Advanced To Third Reading
Apr 11 2024
S 6341 (2023 Regular Session)
Criminalizes the harassment of a child; and establishes a private right of action for harassment of a child
Apr 17 2023 2nd Report Cal.
Apr 11 2024
S 6211 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to wild or exotic animals
Apr 03 2023 Referred To Environmental Conservation
Apr 09 2024
S 1164 (2023 Regular Session)
Waives state's sovereign immunity to liability under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and certain other federal acts
Jan 10 2023 Reported And Committed To Finance
Apr 09 2024
S 485 (2023 Regular Session)
Requires the New York state thruway authority to submit biannual reports to the legislature of all fiscal transactions, receipts and expenditures
Jan 04 2023 Referred To Ways And Means
Apr 09 2024
J 2197 (2023 Regular Session)
Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the tragic murders of civil rights activists James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner
Apr 04 2024 Adopted
Apr 09 2024
S 3302 (2023 Regular Session)
Enacts the "Big Five African Trophies Act" relating to banning the importation, transportation and possession of certain African wildlife species and products
Jan 30 2023 Referred To Environmental Conservation
Apr 09 2024
J 2211 (2023 Regular Session)
Commending Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. upon the occasion of its Annual Delta Day at the Capitol in Albany, New York, on April 9, 2024
Apr 05 2024 Adopted
Apr 09 2024
S 253 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to developing criteria and guidelines for state designated arts and cultural districts
Jan 04 2023 Referred To Tourism, Parks, Arts And Sports Development
Apr 09 2024
S 8996 (2023 Regular Session)
Clarifies the status of squatters for purposes of removal proceedings
Apr 08 2024 Referred To Housing, Construction And Community Development
Apr 08 2024
S 239 (2023 Regular Session)
Enacts the "New York open water data act"
Jan 04 2023 Print Number 239e
Apr 08 2024
S 2581 (2023 Regular Session)
Establishes a tax on direct broadcast satellite services and video streaming services and establishes the community media reinvestment fund
Jan 23 2023 Print Number 2581b
Apr 08 2024
S 6645 (2023 Regular Session)
Provides that the thruway authority shall issue permits for ambulances and fire vehicles for toll exemptions
May 03 2023 Print Number 6645a
Apr 04 2024
S 2445 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to the medical aid in dying act
Jan 20 2023 Print Number 2445b
Apr 04 2024

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