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A 7866 (2023 Regular Session)
Protects the health insurance benefits of retirees of public employers and contributions of retirees of public employers
Jul 07 2023 Print Number 7866b
Apr 12 2024
A 5730 (2023 Regular Session)
Requires the installation of smoke detectors in common places of certain dwellings
Mar 23 2023 Advanced To Third Reading Cal.407
Apr 12 2024
A 7467 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to the use of psychotropic medications in nursing homes and adult care facilities
May 24 2023 Advanced To Third Reading Cal.409
Apr 12 2024
A 8993 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to the Suffolk county water quality restoration act
Feb 01 2024 Advanced To Third Reading Cal.411
Apr 12 2024
A 6992 (2023 Regular Session)
Requires the department of veterans' services to provide certain assistance to veterans
May 10 2023 Print Number 6992a
Apr 12 2024
A 5213 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to enabling public employers to offer certain temporary retirement incentives for certain public employees
Mar 06 2023 Print Number 5213a
Apr 12 2024
A 9839 (2023 Regular Session)
Authorizes the county of Nassau assessor to accept an application for a real property tax exemption from St. Gregorios Malankara Orthodox Church Queens, Inc.
Apr 11 2024 Referred To Real Property Taxation
Apr 11 2024
A 7871 (2023 Regular Session)
Provides that any disability or death of a volunteer firefighter caused by Parkinson's Disease was caused by an accident and sustained in the performance and discharge of duty unless proven otherwise
Jul 07 2023 Print Number 7871a
Apr 10 2024
A 5936 (2023 Regular Session)
Increases the amount of years of military service credit a member may purchase
Mar 24 2023 Print Number 5936c
Apr 10 2024
A 9826 (2023 Regular Session)
Provides for coverage for the treatment of asthma
Apr 09 2024 Referred To Insurance
Apr 09 2024
A 5900 (2023 Regular Session)
Establishes a tax on direct broadcast satellite services and video streaming services and establishes the community media reinvestment fund
Mar 24 2023 Print Number 5900b
Apr 08 2024
A 4759 (2023 Regular Session)
Enacts the election workers and polling places protection act
Feb 23 2023 Print Number 4759b
Apr 08 2024
A 995 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to the medical aid in dying act
Jan 12 2023 Print Number 995b
Apr 08 2024
A 6636 (2023 Regular Session)
Provides for cost-of-living adjustments
Apr 25 2023 Print Number 6636b
Apr 08 2024
A 712 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to audio-visual coverage of judicial proceedings; repealer
Jan 11 2023 Print Number 712a
Apr 08 2024
A 9102 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to medicaid reimbursement for treatment in place and transportation to alternative health care settings by ambulance services
Feb 07 2024 Print Number 9102a
Apr 08 2024
A 4066 (2023 Regular Session)
Requires motor vehicle dealer franchisors to fully compensate franchised motor vehicle dealers for warranty service agreements
Feb 09 2023 Returned To Assembly
Apr 03 2024
A 8275 (2023 Regular Session)
Requires the distribution of information in the pre-licensing course to operate a motor vehicle on how to register as an organ and tissue donor
Nov 27 2023 Referred To Transportation
Apr 02 2024
A 5358 (2023 Regular Session)
Requires certain candidates to file a statement attesting to the veracity of statements regarding the candidate's educational history, and service, employment and residency record
Mar 07 2023 Print Number 5358c
Mar 28 2024
A 7547 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to authorizing service credit in an optional twenty year retirement plan for state university police, regional state park police and detective attorney general investigator service
May 25 2023 Print Number 7547b
Mar 27 2024

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