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S 99 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to granting employees access to personnel records
Jan 04 2023 Amended On Third Reading 99a
Apr 11 2024
S 1382 (2023 Regular Session)
Requires the MTA and the New York city transit authority to implement certain standards pertaining to applying and removing coatings from bridges, trestles, elevated subway and railway tracks and stations
Jan 11 2023 Advanced To Third Reading
Apr 11 2024
S 253 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to developing criteria and guidelines for state designated arts and cultural districts
Jan 04 2023 Referred To Tourism, Parks, Arts And Sports Development
Apr 09 2024
J 2211 (2023 Regular Session)
Commending Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. upon the occasion of its Annual Delta Day at the Capitol in Albany, New York, on April 9, 2024
Apr 05 2024 Adopted
Apr 09 2024
S 6379 (2023 Regular Session)
Prohibits the operation of N.Y. city transit authority subways or trains without a conductor on board
Apr 18 2023 Reported And Committed To Finance
Apr 08 2024
S 8993 (2023 Regular Session)
Establishes a jobs and housing pilot program to create jobs in the construction industry and address the housing crisis; appropriation
Apr 08 2024 Referred To Finance
Apr 08 2024
S 7729 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to the suspension of tolls collected during a state declaration of disaster emergency
Oct 27 2023 Reported And Committed To Finance
Apr 08 2024
S 160 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to audio-visual coverage of judicial proceedings; and repeals section 218 of the judiciary law and section 52 of the civil rights law relating thereto
Jan 04 2023 Print Number 160a
Apr 05 2024
S 6635 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to claims for mental injury premised upon extraordinary work-related stress incurred at work
May 02 2023 Referred To Labor
Apr 04 2024
S 2445 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to the medical aid in dying act
Jan 20 2023 Print Number 2445b
Apr 04 2024
S 6781 (2023 Regular Session)
Allows commuter vans to accept hails from prospective passengers in the street; repealer
May 09 2023 Print Number 6781a
Apr 03 2024
J 2058 (2023 Regular Session)
Memorializing Governor Kathy Hochul to proclaim April 2024, as the Month of the Military Child in the State of New York
Mar 25 2024 Adopted
Apr 03 2024
J 2067 (2023 Regular Session)
Memorializing Governor Kathy Hochul to proclaim March 31, 2024, as Cesar Chavez Day in the State of New York
Mar 27 2024 Adopted
Apr 03 2024
S 2747 (2023 Regular Session)
Directs the superintendent of state police to develop and institute child-sensitive arrest policies and procedures
Jan 24 2023 Returned To Senate
Apr 03 2024
S 5085 (2023 Regular Session)
Requires motor vehicle dealer franchisors to fully compensate franchised motor vehicle dealers for warranty service agreements
Feb 22 2023 Substituted By A4066b
Apr 03 2024
J 2057 (2023 Regular Session)
Celebrating the courage and bravery of New York State's Korean War Veterans and recognizing the men and women who served with dignity and honor during this historic time period at the Senate's Korean War Vetera
Mar 25 2024 Adopted
Apr 03 2024
S 8949 (2023 Regular Session)
Requires the department of labor to provide a document on workplace rights to any minor seeking working papers
Apr 02 2024 Referred To Labor
Apr 02 2024
S 2754 (2023 Regular Session)
Ensures that parents and guardians of youth up to age 19 are notified when their child is arrested or issued an appearance ticket
Jan 24 2023 Reported And Committed To Finance
Apr 02 2024
S 4787 (2023 Regular Session)
Requires periodic reviews of pending applications for material change in the coverage status of certain matters relative to new health technology assessment or medical evidence
Feb 14 2023 Amended On Third Reading 4787a
Apr 02 2024
S 7539 (2023 Regular Session)
Provides grounds for attachment and relates to procedures where employees may hold shareholders of non-publicly traded corporations personally liable for wage theft
Jun 05 2023 Referred To Judiciary
Apr 02 2024

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