New York Bills

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A 402 (2023 Regular Session)
Prohibits reckless driving in parking lots
Jan 09 2023 Advanced To Third Reading Cal.399
Apr 12 2024
A 9772 (2023 Regular Session)
Clarifies the status of squatters for purposes of removal proceedings
Apr 09 2024 Referred To Housing
Apr 09 2024
A 8279 (2023 Regular Session)
Enacts the "dismantling student antisemitism act", or "DSA act"
Nov 27 2023 Held For Consideration In Higher Education
Apr 09 2024
A 5900 (2023 Regular Session)
Establishes a tax on direct broadcast satellite services and video streaming services and establishes the community media reinvestment fund
Mar 24 2023 Print Number 5900b
Apr 08 2024
A 4091 (2023 Regular Session)
Requires each institution within the state university of New York and the city university of New York to have at least one vending machine making emergency contraception available for purchase
Feb 09 2023 Print Number 4091a
Apr 05 2024
A 4917 (2023 Regular Session)
Enacts the school anti-violence education act
Feb 24 2023 Print Number 4917b
Apr 05 2024
A 4060 (2023 Regular Session)
Requires menstrual products in public colleges and universities
Feb 09 2023 Referred To Women's Issues
Apr 03 2024
A 3499 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to designating new automotive broker businesses
Feb 03 2023 Amended On Third Reading 3499b
Apr 03 2024
A 7166 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to the contents of emergency response plans required to be submitted to the public service commission by electric corporations
May 11 2023 Referred To Energy And Telecommunications
Mar 27 2024
A 275 (2023 Regular Session)
Establishes a ride clean rebate program for bicycles with electric assist and electric scooters
Jan 04 2023 Reported Referred To Ways And Means
Mar 26 2024
A 4591 (2023 Regular Session)
Requires state agencies to make available all public documents in a digital format on their website
Feb 17 2023 Referred To Finance
Mar 25 2024
A 494 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to notifying candidates of designation for certain county committees
Jan 09 2023 Advanced To Third Reading Cal.361
Mar 21 2024
A 1443 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to decreasing the length of the suspension period applicable to certain striking workers who seek to obtain unemployment insurance benefits
Jan 17 2023 Reported Referred To Ways And Means
Mar 19 2024
A 9506 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to nursing employees' right to express breast milk
Mar 15 2024 Reported Referred To Codes
Mar 19 2024
A 6019 (2023 Regular Session)
Enacts the health care consumer and provider protection act relating to collective negotiations by health care providers with certain health care plans
Mar 30 2023 Reported Referred To Ways And Means
Mar 19 2024
A 6247 (2023 Regular Session)
Amends the definition of special populations to include persons who are in the first eight weeks of the post-partum recovery period, regardless of how the pregnancy ended
Apr 03 2023 Substituted By S5830
Mar 18 2024
A 7106 (2023 Regular Session)
Enacts the "political artificial intelligence disclaimer (PAID) act"
May 10 2023 Print Number 7106b
Mar 18 2024
A 5729 (2023 Regular Session)
Requires certain insurers to provide coverage for tattooing performed by a physician as part of breast reconstruction surgery
Mar 23 2023 Referred To Insurance
Mar 14 2024
A 3978 (2023 Regular Session)
Prohibits law enforcement officers from using racial and ethnic profiling
Feb 08 2023 Amended On Third Reading 3978b
Mar 11 2024
A 443 (2023 Regular Session)
Relates to providing the New York power authority with the right of first offer and refusal; bans non-state run energy services companies; repealer
Jan 09 2023 Print Number 443a
Mar 07 2024

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